Hands on Learning with Prewriting

Each month I have a post a Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. This months post came about because my older girls were upset that they did not get fun prewriting pages any more. So be sure to check it out!

Hands on Learning with Prewriting - 3Dinosaurs.com

This is a math and science with a little fine motor all wrapped up it to one! I hope that you enjoy the post. We had a blast doing it!

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Monthly Goals August 2014

After a month off it is going to be so strange to be back doing things again! I really did enjoy my month off. But I’m back and lots of things are in the works! I have fun things I’ll be doing over the next few weeks and months! My time off was good and I spent my plane flight home working on what my goals will be for this month and for the rest of the year.

3 Dinosaurs Monthly Goals

Blog Goals

My time off I had a lot of time to think over my blog. I thought about my goals and where I want things to go. I’m going to stick to a semi regular posting schedule and trying to update a lot of older posts. This should be a fun time for me. PLUS I have some new printable ideas that will be coming out. I’ll also be working to update some older posts so people can find things.

  • Update and fix 5 old posts or download pages each week
  • Pick new Calendar Themes for the year!
  • Get a new product out this month – So look for it coming soon
  • Work on some older age projects
  • Get up Early to work – I got use to sleeping in on vacation!

Family Goals

I had a lot of time to think of new family goals while I was on vacation! It really did occur to me that a clean house can make things go much easier. I plan on making that my goal for the month. To have the house cleaned up for when the girls start school again. I want to make sure that it makes the change that I’m ahead of the game instead trying to catch up after they are in school.

  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day
  • No dishes in the sink at the end of the day
  • Each week work on one room and have it cleaned up
  • Spend more time reading as a group with the girls
  • Make a weekly menu to make shopping and cooking easier

Personal Goals

I did think a lot about me during this month off. I really liked making sure I took care of me. That will be coming first for sure. I need me healthy so that I can keep up my work!

  • Get 5 days of a week of Fitness
  • Get up and get dressed with my hair done.
  • Take personal time to do something I like: could include watching TV shows I like, reading or just relaxing.
  • I also have the goal to spend more time with my husband. A few weeks away make me realize how much he means to me. I will be making time for him.

monthly goals linky at mama smiles
This is also a link! Here are the people that are co-hosting this monthly! So don’t forget to post your goals if you have them!

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Be sure to link up your goals for the month.

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Free Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs Set 6

This is Set 5 of 10 in the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs. This month Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words look, make, me, my.

I made these flexible and so that anyone can use them. Do you have to use all the pages? Nope you don’t at all. I use the pages differently for each of my girls. They are made so you can use them at the level of learning that your child is currently at. You might use some pages now and other pages later. I like that I can use some for learning the words and other for work on spelling later.

Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words: look, make, me, my - 3Dinosaurs.com

You don’t want to wait for 4 words to come out each month, you can buy the Romping & Roaring Preprimer for $15. That is 40 words that have 10 pages of activities for per and 9 fun extras that are only in the selling set.

Homeschooler - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Graphics from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles

What you will find in these printables: 6 pages of activities for each word.
Sight Word Playdough Mat (or decorate the word), Dot the Sight Word, Sight Word Trace – Color – Write, Sight Word Color by Letter, Find Sight Word in the Sentences, and Trace the Sight Word in the Sentences

In the Selling set of the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs, there are 4 more pages of activities:
Sight Word Word Search, Review Page, Read – Trace – Write a Sentence, Sight Word Paths

Things we plan on using with the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Word Packs:

The next set of Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Word Packs set 7: not, one, play, red – will be out on August 27th.

Here are some great sight word activities on 3 Dinosaurs:

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

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