Monthly Goals November 2014 with Thanksgiving Menu Printable

I took a lot of relaxing time last month and did not push anything and over do it. I pushed projects back and took a small break from taking on to many things. I said no to a lot of projects I really wanted to do but knew I would not be able to. Some times we have to say no to do better at what we are currently working on. To help with this month I made a Thanksgiving Menu Planner. You can see more about it below!

Free Thanksgiving Menu Printable -

As always I have been working off and on on these goals. I know that no goal is good without making goals that are well defined. I try each month to make goals that I can do and have steps to them. Each month I have had books that I’ve been reading about goals. I am now re-reading Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life. Sometimes we need reminders of good ideas. So Each month I’ll be rereading 2 chapters and putting some of the ideas and suggestions more into play. It will be apart of my life again. I am also going to be reading Sink Reflections again. I read it years ago before I had kids and now I’ll be putting it back into effect.

3 Dinosaurs Monthly Goals

Blog Goals

I’ve been so busy I’ve not done as much as I wanted in the background of things happening on the blog. But I am working more towards the goals I want to have. There are some changes coming soon and I’m excited about it. We shall see how they go.

  • Limit my time or time my work on things so I don’t over do it – This will be the #1 goal for the month.
  • Turn in projects early
  • Update and fix 2 old posts or download pages each week
  • Get the Romping & Roaring Number Packs Out
  • Work on some older age projects for the upcoming seasons
  • Keep getting up early 5 days a week and take weekends off for early mornings.
  • Get better about Instagram! Yup I joined Instagram.

Family Goals

I’ve been trying to get back to cooking in the morning for the girls but has not happened. I’m going to really work on that. yes they goals are almost the same as the month before but I need to have them as a reminder of why I am trying to do them.

  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day
  • No dishes in the sink (or on the counter, stove etc) at the end of the day
  • De-clutter one area every day!
  • Spend more time reading as a group with the girls – Reading chapter books at night or another story.
  • Make a weekly menu to make shopping and cooking easier for me and if someone else has to take over
  • Cook breakfast on school days

Personal Goals

My goal last month was to recover and I did a great job and some of this month will be the same. We shall see what happens in the long run as I pick things up.

  • Take time to unwind from stressful days and give myself a time out time if needed
  • Read every day
  • Listen to one conference talk every day
  • 3 Days of fitness for me

Holiday Goals

This month I’m adding in holidays goals. This is always a busy time and I want to relax as much as possible and not stress about the holidays. I’m going to make my gift list soon and get them done before the huge holiday rush. I did this for years and the last few years I have not. It made the holidays so much better. I will do well with my holidays goals.

  • Finish my shopping before Thanksgiving and leave only a few things after thanksgiving
  • Do a 30 Days of Thanks all month long in November
  • Plan a small meal for Thanksgiving
  • Buy food early instead of last minute

For those that want something to help with the 30 days of giving thanks check these out:

Thanksgiving Help Printables

With Thanksgiving I wanted to work on my menu so I made this printable to help out. This is my Thanksgiving Menu Planner with a shopping list printables. This is a fun simple planner for helping me plan for my thanksgiving.

Free Thanksgiving Menu Printable -

What you will find in these Thanksgiving Menu printables:

  • Thanksgiving menu with areas: Appetizer, Main Course, Side Dishes, Desert and Beverages.
  • Blank Thanksgiving Shopping List

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Free Skip Counting Dice Printable

Skip counting is something that is great for kids to learn. This gives them a great head start into multiplication. There are so many different ways you can practice skip counting. We have been trying to vary it up as much as possible to make it fun rather than a chore to learn and memorize the skip counting.

I have put out several different ways to practice skip counting now. This is really so we have a few different things for us to work on. Who wants to do the same activity over and over. By putting them all together you have many different ways to work on your skip counting.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

One way that we use these skip counting dice is to put the writing paper in a sheet protectors and use a dry erase markers. This allows us to reuse the paper several times. I like to use the photo dice because this allows me to mix up the numbers. I will also use the Skip Counting Wall Cards printed all on one page to help out when we are first starting.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

The fun part is that you can switch up the numbers or maybe you got the same number again. You can do this activity as many times as you want. Maybe write the numbers down one time and the next roll you say them out loud. You can do this so many different ways.

Another way to change this up would be to use two photo dice and put one with the skip counting in it and use the second dice with the writing practice number dice. You roll the skip counting dice and see what number you will be using. Then roll the writing practice number dice to see how many times you will do your skip counting. Or you could use a dice in dice to get number 2 through 12.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

Another fun way to use these is to just put the cube dice cards on a 1 inch ring and just pulled one out at random and do the skip counting.

This also makes a great way to store them between using them.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

What you will find in these Skip Counting Dice printables:

  • Number 2 through 12
  • 6 pages of printables
  • 2 different pages for recording you skip counting
  • Photo Dice Cards
  • Printable Dice
Free Skip Counting Dice -

Things we plan on using with these skip counting dice printables:

Check out these other skip counting printables and activities:

If you are looking for more printables that use the photo dice check these out:

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Free Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs Set 9

This is Set 9 of 10 in the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs. This month Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words three, to, two, up.

I really have liked using these Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Word packs. The Romping & Roaring Primer Sight Word Packs are coming out as well. Every set is fun and remember you don’t have to use all the pages every single time. You can always vary up how you use them. You can print two pages together to do a review. I will use the same sheets twice by putting them in a sheet protectors the first time and using a dry erase markers and then second time crayon or dot marker depending on the page. There are so many ways to use these sheets.

Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words: three, to, two, up -

You don’t want to wait for 4 words to come out each month, you can buy the Romping & Roaring Preprimer for $15. That is 40 words that have 10 pages of activities for per and 9 fun extras that are only in the selling set.

Homeschooler -

Graphics from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles

What you will find in these printables: 6 pages of activities for each word.
Sight Word Playdough Mat (or decorate the word), Dot the Sight Word, Sight Word Trace – Color – Write, Sight Word Color by Letter, Find Sight Word in the Sentences, and Trace the Sight Word in the Sentences

In the Selling set of the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs, there are 4 more pages of activities:
Sight Word Word Search, Review Page, Read – Trace – Write a Sentence, Sight Word Paths

Things we plan on using with the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Word Packs:

The next set of Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Word Packs set 10: we, where, yellow, you – will be out on November 26th.

Here are some great sight word activities on 3 Dinosaurs:

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